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MaraM Mohammed @_TheTarget
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Rockridge Softball @RockridgeSftbll
Softball games vs Mercer County have been moved from 3/17 to 3/20. Eleven days til the 1st open gym! #rocketstrong #thetarget #wearit
 8 Hours ago | 4 Retweets | 8 Favorites
Rishika Rawat @Tu_13_Dekh_Na
Stringent action needs to be taken against #DefaultingCompanies for their alleged fraudulent actions #TheTarget.@MrsGandhi
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Inquisitor Malakai @Rliyen
Played #TheTarget on 2017-01-15 http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/80836
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Nippon Data @NipponData
Today's #quote #mondaymotivation #TheTarget #ontime #GoodMorningWorld
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Ham Smithmeyer @hamtime5
The Hamtime Podcast is up with @burkegranger. Talking about bull riding and episode 1 of #TheWire: #TheTarget http://bit.ly/2iw3Mi0
 2 days ago | 1 Retweets | 3 Favorites
Erika Ray @erikatweets
Convinced my husband to stop at Starbucks b4church. 10 ppl in line! He drove over to theTarget SB saved the day! @317Russ for the win!!
 2 days ago | 0 Retweets | 1 Favorites
Rishika Rawat @Tu_13_Dekh_Na
Alleged fraudulent activities of #DefaultingCompanies needs to be exposed at the earliest #TheTarget! @ETNOWlive @CNBCTV18News @PMOIndia
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Urm1l @Urm1l1
@thinkerKS those who have read #thetarget says it misses the most important four words at the start "once upon a time"
 3 days ago | 3 Retweets | 1 Favorites
John Terence @JohnTerence_A
Why is there no actions against #DefaultingCompanies for causing payment default?#TheTarget @PMOffice @narendramodi
 3 days ago | 4 Retweets | 2 Favorites
John Terence @JohnTerence_A
The unwarranted targeting of #63Moons has resulted in massive downfall of finance market.#TheTarget @pmoindia @dev_fadnavis
 3 days ago | 4 Retweets | 2 Favorites
Financial Genocide @NSELgenocide
Crooks @63moonsofficial you gave money to charman's son in law at NK protein, now claiming #TheTarget @PMOIndia @narendramodi #NSEL #fraud
 3 days ago | 7 Retweets | 1 Favorites
NSEL-Investor_TARGET @Nsel_Victim
After No Relief in Fit & Proper order in SC, Jignesh Shah got SG Roy & @suhelseth to #TheTarget @FinMinIndia &… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/820470470961078272
 3 days ago | 34 Retweets | 8 Favorites
jaiBajrang @scammedbyNsel
Gujarat wrote for #essar and got her daughter employed. He wrote #TheTarget to get his mistress employment for FTIL? @CPMumbaiPolice @dir_ed
 3 days ago | 8 Retweets | 3 Favorites
Rishika Rawat @Tu_13_Dekh_Na
The bureaucracy of #DefaultingCompanies resulted in meltdown of the financial exchange #TheTarget. @the_hindu @businessline @PMOIndia
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John Terence @JohnTerence_A
The conspiracy to target #63Moons while the real culprits walk scot-free should be exposed!#TheTarget @adhia03 @the_hindu
 3 days ago | 4 Retweets | 2 Favorites
John Terence @JohnTerence_A
Recovery of payment discrepancies is necessary to get justice for #63Moons. Agree?#TheTarget @AmitShah @arjunrammeghwal
 3 days ago | 2 Retweets | 1 Favorites
NSEL-Investor_TARGET @Nsel_Victim
Reason why Jignesh Shah chose @suhelseth to lauch #TheTarget. Suhel is hungry to be seen in Cos of money launderin… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/820273668416602112
 3 days ago | 37 Retweets | 9 Favorites
Urm1l @Urm1l1
@thinkerKS @narendramodi difference btwn nsel & cheated nsel investor grp like congress vs BJP. Paid people vs dedicated cadres. #thetarget
 4 days ago | 13 Retweets | 2 Favorites

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