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Mind the gap: Indian newsrooms @wtdnews & @factordaily take on gender inequality — #EditorsLab: https://medium.com/editors-lab-impact/mind-the-gap-newsrooms-take-on-gender-inequality-5a9d1a767f3c
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MissManage @MissManage
[email protected] makes its first appearance in the world, take a sneak peak: https://goo.gl/4Mb5M7
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Natasha Kewalramani @NatashaKewal
Can't wait to officially introduce @MissManage to the world :) T-15 https://t.co/PMRKtgJLtm on @Medium @PanktiMehta @GENinnovate #EditorsLabhttps://medium.com/editors-lab-impact/mind-the-gap-newsrooms-take-on-gender-inequality-5a9d1a767f3c
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